By Isy and Eclair

with music by Kevin MacLeod, used under Creative Commons license (it may take a minute for the music to load, please be patient!)

You're as close to your boyfriend, Pepper, as a gecko and an otter can get... but can you get even closer? You KNOW he'd never judge you for a li'l old kink, but some things are just too embarrassing to confess!

That's why you've concocted this perfect scenario! You've cooked him up his favorite foods, now all you need to do is guide the conversation to tell him just how much you wish he'd consider you on the menu. Or did you want a taste of him? Better decide, he's coming in the door now!

[kink warning: vore (soft/safe), cuddling, emotional honesty]

GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsnsfw, Twine, vore
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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No downloads?

No play in itch,io app?

I'm kinda sad, I wanted to play this…

Ah, sorry! I don't know why it's not letting you download or play in the, they're not disabled anywhere in the settings? Failing that, the Twine embed on the game page is still working, so you can still play through in your browser!

You probably forgot to set what OS the downloads are for.

If the app doesn't see the "for windows" and\or "in-browser" flag on a download, it won't let me download it on Windows.

I just double-checked, and the file's definitely set as in-browser! And when I check my own app, I can launch the game? So I'm not sure what's going on here...

It's woking on my end, too, now…
I'm also not sure what was wrong…
Thanks for looking in too it, even if it did fix itself.

No problem! Thanks for letting me know there was a problem in the first place!


so very cute!


i dislike this


Absolutely adorable!